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Spring Snow

Apparently, according to those born and bred on the Wirral, we don’t get snow in these parts… what the hell is this then!!

All of the above were taken this morning and are views of our back-garden after an unprecedented amount of snow fell overnight – in places it was easily over a foot thick. I’ve lived on the Wirral for over 10 years now and this is by far the worst I have seen. I say “worst” in this instance because, although I don’t mind the snow most of the time, it is supposed to be Spring in the UK and so the weather really should be improving by now. Also God only knows what this will do to my onions and garlic that I have been growing since Autumn last year…..and then there are all the lovely Spring bulbs that have started to appear in the last few weeks…..hope they survive! 

I was a bit distracted whilst I was taking these shots because Harley (one of our three cats) had been out all night in the snow and at the time hadn’t come back. Not to worry though because a few hours later he let us know with his meowing that he was sheltering in a neighbours tree. He clearly didn’t fancy getting his paddy-paws all cold and wet in the snow…..:0).

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

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