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Guest Post – Camilla Lee Second Prize Winner in the First DLR Competition

The Digital Lightroom

I started blogging and taking pictures in July 2012.  I’m a total beginner and when I was encouraged to enter the Digital Lightroom Photo Competition I visited the site.  I looked at the photos taken by the judges the submission guidelines and what the judges would be looking for and I just thought that it was all way beyond me at the moment.

A week later I posted a spring picture on my blog.  One of the judges commented and said that I should enter the competition.  The closing date was the following day.  I recalled the list of submission guidelines and hesitated but then I thought ‘why not? I’m sure I can work through the submission requirements and so what if the judges laugh at my amateur spring flowers, at least I’d tried.’ I googled how to resize a picture as I wasn’t sure about that bit and managed…

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Guest Post – Mike Fiveson Winner of the First DLR Competition

The Digital Lightroom

As the lucky winner in the first Digital Lightroom competition I have since received and downloaded my prize, Topaz B&W Effects 2. While I have some knowledge about using photo software, I will tell you that this software is special.

What I like best about it is its intuitive nature which makes it really good for guys like me who like to jump in without much study required. When I do need to look at the manual, it is easy to understand and written without pretense.

Attached are two photos to illustrate what can be done with Topaz in a matter of minutes.

As you can see, right out of the camera this picture is poorly lit, and would require manipulation to make it, at best, a marginal photo..

out of camera

By using just some of the tools available in Topaz BW effects 2, this photo has taken on more interest, better…

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