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Souks of Marrakech

The souks are the beating heart of Marrakech. This labyrinth of alleyways and small squares cover much of the northern half of the medina (or old town). It’s a real hive of activity with thousands of market traders, stall holders, craftsmen and workshops all vying for space and attention.

It’s a fascinating place to wander around, but as a tourist it can also be a bit of an endurance test – you will get lost and you will get hassled. But if you can stay patient, try to maintain a sense of humour and keep your wits about you then the experience will be rewarding: 

© Mark Simms Photography (2015)


Fan’s of Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” books (I’ve not read them, but I’ve seen the movies) will know Volterra as the home of the sinister, ruling vampire coven. Well I can’t say that we came across any members of the Volturi (as they are known in the books) but this beautiful medieval hilltop town certainly captured my heart. Of all the places we visited in Tuscany this was my favourite, not too touristy and yet full of old-world charm……I could live in Volterra:

© Mark Simms Photography (2015)

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