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Deep Furrows

As Good Friday was a gorgeous Spring day (and we weren’t in work) we took the opportunity to get out and about in the local area. This shot was taken in the village of Ness on the Wirral/Cheshire border and I was attracted by the shadows cast by the deep furrows in the field opposite the entrance to the Botanical Gardens, which we had just finished visiting. So I popped across the road, scrambled through a hedgerow and took this image:

Deep Furrows

© Mark Simms Photography (2014)


Parkgate on the Wirral faces out across the estuary of the River Dee towards North Wales.

In it’s heyday, during the 18th Century, it was an important port and embarkation point for Ireland. However, the steady and remorseless silting up of the Dee turned much of the river and estuary into grassy marshland and before long made Parkgate unusable as a port.

Nowadays, a walk along the sea-front at Parkgate, with fish and chips or a locally made ice-cream, is a popular past time for visitors near and far. It’s also a favourite spot with “twitchers” as the marshland attracts a wide variety of bird life.

I hope you’ll agree that it’s not a bad destination for photographers either:

Parkgate 1

Parkgate 2

Parkgate 3

The three shots above are all HDR images made up of five bracketed exposures and then processed in Nik’s HDR Efex Pro2.

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

Loch Spelve Jetty

These two shots of the old jetty at Loch Spelve, were taken last April whilst we were on holiday on the beautiful Isle of Mull, off the West Coast of Scotland.

I haven’t done anything with them until now, because they were shot with the intention of processing as HDR images and it’s only recently with the Nik Software free trial that I’ve had the ability to do this.

Loch Spelve Jetty 1

Loch Spelve Jetty 2

The first shot is a combination of 3 exposures and the second, because I was shooting into the light, is a combination of 5 exposures. Personally I think the black and white shot works better, but I do like the detail retained in the cloud on the second shot – without HDR or an NDGrad the highlights would have been blown in that area.

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

Guest Post – Camilla Lee Second Prize Winner in the First DLR Competition

The Digital Lightroom

I started blogging and taking pictures in July 2012.  I’m a total beginner and when I was encouraged to enter the Digital Lightroom Photo Competition I visited the site.  I looked at the photos taken by the judges the submission guidelines and what the judges would be looking for and I just thought that it was all way beyond me at the moment.

A week later I posted a spring picture on my blog.  One of the judges commented and said that I should enter the competition.  The closing date was the following day.  I recalled the list of submission guidelines and hesitated but then I thought ‘why not? I’m sure I can work through the submission requirements and so what if the judges laugh at my amateur spring flowers, at least I’d tried.’ I googled how to resize a picture as I wasn’t sure about that bit and managed…

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Guest Post – Mike Fiveson Winner of the First DLR Competition

The Digital Lightroom

As the lucky winner in the first Digital Lightroom competition I have since received and downloaded my prize, Topaz B&W Effects 2. While I have some knowledge about using photo software, I will tell you that this software is special.

What I like best about it is its intuitive nature which makes it really good for guys like me who like to jump in without much study required. When I do need to look at the manual, it is easy to understand and written without pretense.

Attached are two photos to illustrate what can be done with Topaz in a matter of minutes.

As you can see, right out of the camera this picture is poorly lit, and would require manipulation to make it, at best, a marginal photo..

out of camera

By using just some of the tools available in Topaz BW effects 2, this photo has taken on more interest, better…

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And the Winner is..

Well done to Mike and Camilla, thanks to everyone who took part and to those who voted. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for the next competition, “Movement & Motion” is a challenging theme!

The Digital Lightroom

The winning image in the Digital Lightroom Photography Competition is Mike Fiveson’s with his photograph of a Colorado spring meadow. Mike wins a copy of Topaz Lab’s Black and White effects.  Well done Mike.

Michael Fiveson

The runner-up in the competition is Camilla Lee with her picture of the snowdrops. Camilla wins a copy of Topaz Lab’sAdjust. Congratulations!

Camilla Lee fr

We’d like to thank everyone that entered the competition, everyone who voted and of course Topaz Labs for generously supplying the prizes.

The theme for the next competition is ‘Movement and Motion‘. We’ll launch the competition officially next week with details of how to enter with some tips and pointers for working with this theme. In the meantime, we hope this will give you an opportunity to start thinking about the pictures you might take to enter in the competition.

Have a great weekend!

The Digital Lightroom team.

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