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Bath: Abbey & Roman Baths 1

For all Bath’s Georgian splendour, it is the Roman Baths themselves that are the City’s true treasure. The Roman structures visible today date back to approx 60 AD and for the next 1800 years they have fluctuated from being in use to being in disrepair. In fact for a long period they were buried and largely forgotton until subsidence in the area “uncovered” them again in the 1850’s.

So we have the Victorian’s to thank for their current appearance and indeed it was they who opened the baths to the public in 1897, since when they have changed little.

Because the Roman Baths are so special, I’m going to share my images of them over a number of posts. The first three of which, starting with the one below, depict the Abbey (which sits next door) from within the grounds of the Roman Baths themselves: 

The Abbey & Roman Baths, Bath, Somerset

© Mark Simms Photography (2020)

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