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Village Life: Hindu Temples

Hinduism is a wonderful religion, full of character and colour………but unless you’re born and bred into that culture, to the uninitiated, it is also pretty hard to grasp. There are literally thousands of Gods worshipped by Hindus… name it and their will be a God for it. The downside of this is that even the smallest of villages is likely to have half a dozen shrines and temples (not to mention each and every house, workplace, public building and dashboard in virtually every form of transport in the country……..regardless of whether you are a practicing Hindu or not it seemed to me). As you can see from the shots below, Ramathra is no exception:

© Mark Simms Photography (2015)

Village Life: Harvest Time

A few more shots from Ramathra depicting the villagers hard at work in the fields bringing in the millet harvest. I vividly remember this day……it was hot and humid and out in the fields there was no shade. Not the sort of day for hard physical labour……..but then I’m a slightly overweight, unfit, pampered westerner who doesn’t have a village full of hungry mouths to feed: 

© Mark Simms Photography (2015)

Village Life: Kachpura

India is a country of 1.2 billion people, and over 800 million of these live in rural villages like Kachpura. This is one of two villages that we visited on our trip (Ramathra in Rajasthan being the other one) and in many respects these provided the most fascinating experiences and special memories……..because this is the real India:

© Mark Simms Photography (2015)

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