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Belfast Murals

Belfast is world famous for it’s fantastic murals painted on the side of various houses and buildings throughout the city.

Even though the decades of sectarian violence known as “The Troubles” were, officially at least, brought to an end with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, the underlying tensions between Catholics/Protestants and Republicans/Unionists haven’t really gone away. Consequently many of the murals still depict images that leave the viewer in little doubt as to which side is being supported.

On a more positive note, Belfast has undoutedly come along way in the last two decades, and so there are also many murals that depict images of peace and hope for the future…..and that despite the fact that Brexit threatens to undermine the progress made over the last two decades.

There are also some murals that have meanings that are not so obvious or easy to discern.

Whatever the message or politicals behind these murals though, there is no question the artists responsible are incredibly talented and they have turned Belfast into possibly the worlds largest open air art gallery.

© Mark Simms Photography (2018)

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