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Flying Angels

As it’s nearly Christmas…..:0)…..I thought you might like to see a couple of experimental creative shots of one of our decorations:

Flying Angels 1

Flying Angels 2

I’m no Physicist, but I assume the way this works is that the heat from the candle creates a thermal that rises upwards, which in turn catches the “blades” at the top of the ornament causing them (and the Angels which dangle down) to spin round.

For both shots I used my 100mm Macro lens locked-off on a tripod and then simply experimented with different combinations of light, background, aperture and shutter-speed until I discovered a “look” that I liked.

I enjoyed doing these, so you might find that I post more Christmas themed shots over the next couple of weeks…

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.

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