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Loch Spelve Jetty

These two shots of the old jetty at Loch Spelve, were taken last April whilst we were on holiday on the beautiful Isle of Mull, off the West Coast of Scotland.

I haven’t done anything with them until now, because they were shot with the intention of processing as HDR images and it’s only recently with the Nik Software free trial that I’ve had the ability to do this.

Loch Spelve Jetty 1

Loch Spelve Jetty 2

The first shot is a combination of 3 exposures and the second, because I was shooting into the light, is a combination of 5 exposures. Personally I think the black and white shot works better, but I do like the detail retained in the cloud on the second shot – without HDR or an NDGrad the highlights would have been blown in that area.

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

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