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Mull & Iona 7 – Fur & Feathers

Let me say right now that I’m not a very good wildlife photographer. For starters I don’t really have the right kit……but to be honest that’s a bit of a “bad workman blaming his tools” kind of excuse. Far more fundamental is that I don’t really have the patience required to be truly successful at this kind of photography……nor do I have the skill. I usually end up missing the really good shots because I’m not paying attention or my camera isn’t set-up right. Then when I am in position and ready to take that killer shot I’m either too hesitant with the shutter or the little buggers that I’m trying to shoot fail to co-operate.

So it’s in this context that I offer the following photos for your perusal…..the best of a pretty disappointing bunch given the abundance of wildlife that Mull has to offer…..and yes I know lambs and cows aren’t “proper” wildlife!!

Although I haven’t got the photographic evidence to prove it we also saw Short-earred Owls, Buzzards, Golden Eagles, Seals and a Red Deer Stag. We didn’t, unfortunately, encounter any Sea Eagles or Otters.

The wild goat herds that inhabit the southern coastline beneath the towering basalt cliffs around Carsaig are particularly impressive, especially the scimitar horned, bearded billies……:0).

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.

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