Bardsey Island

Bardsey Island, which sits in the Irish Sea about 2 miles from the end of the Llyn Peninsula, is famous for being the site of the first Christian religious house in Wales, founded by the Celtic St. Cadfan in the early 6th century.

Known as Ynys Enlli (the ‘Isle of 20,000 Saints’) in the native Welsh Language, the Island was a place of pilgrimage for hundred’s of years throughout the medieval period. It is now a nature reserve and bird sanctuary.

Unfortunately because you can’t take dogs on the island (and my wife wouldn’t have enjoyed the boat journey to get across to the island anyway….she doesn’t do well on small boats) we didn’t get to visit. However at least I did get to photograph the island from the mainland with a lovely sunset in the background.

© Mark Simms Photography (2021)

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