Night Sky 6

Not the greatest shot of the Northern Lights in the world, but then it wasn’t the greatest display either. However it does at least prove that we saw them.

Interestingly, to the naked eye, the Aurora came across as a much paler green than this, more like a grey-green mist just above the horizon. It’s the camera that’s really picked up the luminous, glowing quality…..and I promise that I haven’t enhanced this too much in post-processing.

Inari, Lapland, Finland

© Mark Simms Photography (2020)

5 Responses to “Night Sky 6”

  1. poppytumpno4

    Love how the aurora echoes the landscape Mark ! The light show can be so unpredictable I know but you’ve captured a really great moment there …
    Post-processing such images is quite a balance isn’t it .. what the camera sensor picks up .. the RAW file … it’s all there just to be sensitively brought to a believable shot . I think yours is 🙂
    I’ve a few in the archives from Iceland some years ago now that I’ve never actually tackled Lol but boy … did I enjoy the light show . I’m sure you felt the same excitement !
    Amazing memories.

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Poppy. I’m glad you think it’s turned out OK. Most of the post-processing was done on the tree line, just to make them a little more visible. They will be memories I’ll treasure forever.

      • poppytumpno4

        I’m sure Mark ! I doubt I’ll have the chance again but then .. never say never 😉

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