Canning Dock

A couple of images of Canning Dock in Liverpool

Canning Dock, Liverpool, England, UK

Canning Dock, Liverpool, England, UK

© Mark Simms Photography (2019)

10 Responses to “Canning Dock”

  1. poppytumpno4

    Lovely composition with the old and new architecture ! Adrian of CornwallPhotographic and I visited Liverpool on an awayday by train last year … somewhat gloomy conditions but we enjoyed it nonetheless wandering around the docks .. and taking a ride on the *eye wheel . next time … hopefully there will be a ferry across the Mersey moment .. we ran out of time Lol

    • Mark Simms

      I know Adrian – well on WP anyway not in person. Although he’s rarely on here now. How’s he doing?

      • poppytumpno4

        He’s doing well Mark , a few more challenges obviously nowadays … BUT he does have an Instagram account now 🙂 .you’ll find him by looking for adriantheze 🙂

      • Mark Simms

        Oh that’s good. Haven’t got round to Instagram yet myself – but I’ll check him out. Send him my regards next time you see him. Oh and I’ve just started to follow you on WP.

      • poppytumpno4

        Will do of course Mark 🙂
        And thank you ! Am dipping back in after restarting my blog … I’m taking it slow time .. kind of lost my mojo with stuff but with a new year and decade lol thought I’d push myself . Just exploring tags and people to see what’s happening and found you .. and then recalled you’d been a blog friend of Adrian .. so that’s a tick for a follow too 🙂
        Cheers !

      • Mark Simms

        Well welcome back to the world of blogging….although sometimes it does get a bit much, life gets in the way and it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have to post something. Taking a break is good, just to freshen things up a bit

      • poppytumpno4

        Thank you Mark and you’re so right .. you know the feeling then 😉 very true one ends up putting a pressure on oneself .. eeek .. can do without that Lol
        Look forward to more of your posts 🙂

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