Streets of Old Lisbon 11

Lisbon, Portugal, Europe

© Mark Simms Photography (2018)

5 Responses to “Streets of Old Lisbon 11”

  1. Mjollnir MacAlba

    I’m enjoying this series Mark. Lisbon’s a place I’ve yet to visit but I’d really like to go and these pics are making me even more determined to get there at some point 🙂

      • Mjollnir MacAlba

        It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go but I’ve just never gotten round to it. Off to Prague, Bratislava and VIenna in about three weeks so Portugal will have to wait I’m afraid 🙂

      • Mark Simms

        Prague and Vienna are great although it’s about 15 years ago when we visited them…..looking forward to the photos 😊

      • Mjollnir MacAlba

        I might take one or two 🙂

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