Nymphenburg Palace 10

A couple of shots of the beautiful Chinese silk wall paper in the Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

© Mark Simms Photography (2018)

7 Responses to “Nymphenburg Palace 10”

  1. Noeline Smith

    I’m afraid my absence has left me with far too much to catch up on 😦 I’ve enjoyed looking back through your blog – many lovely images and great times to boot by the looks of it!

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Noeline……fully understand. Saw/liked your post the other day and thought I hadn’t seen anything from you for awhile. Hope you are OK.

  2. My Small Surrenders

    This is beautiful. I especially love that you’ve captured the richness of the vibrant green.
    Sadly, as I’ve grown older, whenever I travel to Europe and see these incredible images and structures of the past one of my first thoughts is how impoverished the majority of the population were so that the nobility and royalty could live in lavish excess.
    I can’t imagine the cost of bringing this fine silk wallpaper all the way from China so long ago.


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