Below is a gallery of images from our wanderings around the city centre of Munich, the capital of Bavaria:

© Mark Simms Photography (2017)

10 Responses to “Munich”

  1. Morphine Child

    Very nice collection. I moved to Augsburg recently and Munich is on my wish list since the beginning, but there is so much to see there and I really don’t want to go there in a rush…

    • Mark Simms

      Indeed there is a lot to see. I’ve got separate posts on The Residence and Nymphenburg Palace to come.

    • Mark Simms

      It’s an enjoyable city to visit, a mix of old, restored and new because it was heavily bombed during the war. I’ve got a couple of posts on specific buildings lined-up too.

  2. colorflow111

    I like your pics. I lived close to Munich and moved to the States. Watching your impressions gives a good and comfy feeling.


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