Outer Hebrides – Flora & Fauna – 13

Not the greatest shot in the world, but I’ve included this Buzzard just to prove that we did see birds of prey in the wild. Saw plenty of White-tailed Eagles and even a Golden Eagle……but soaring high-up over the hills and mountains and much too far away to get any images:

Buzzard, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

© Mark Simms Photography (2017)

3 Responses to “Outer Hebrides – Flora & Fauna – 13”

  1. Chillbrook

    These are magnificent birds aren’t they Mark? This is a great shot. I had a pair living in the wood opposite my house and would see them regularly flying over the field that separated me from the wood. I saw them take a rabbit one morning. The first buzzard dropped it as it squealed and wriggled but the other one flew in and caught it before it hit the ground. That was lunch taken care of. They raise one chick every year and towards September, the chick would fledge and the parents would chase it off. No living at home on the bank of mum and dad in the animal world. It was always quite distressing to watch as the chick would rarely get what was going on initially.

    • Mark Simms

      I would have liked to grab a shot of them in flight but that takes a lot of practice (or luck) and mostly they were too far away anyway. Bird photography is really hard.

      • Chillbrook

        It is. I did video the buzzards one afternoon. It was difficult to keep them in frame to say the least but I got some great footage.

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