The picturesque harbour town of Stonehaven, about 15 miles south of Aberdeen, was the base for our two-week holiday on the east coast of Scotland in early June:

© Mark Simms Photography (2016)

17 Responses to “Stonehaven”

  1. Mjollnir MacAlba

    Very nice set of photos Mark. Now I can see what the wife was banging on about! 🙂

      • Mjollnir MacAlba

        Eh… I dunno what the answer is to that! Lol 🙂

      • Mark Simms

        Sorry mate I thought you meant the comments my wife had made against this post….about it being the best holiday ever 😊

      • Mjollnir MacAlba

        No no, I was talking about when my Mrs went there with her sister earlier this year. I’ve never set foot in the place so it’s nice to see where they sat and had fish ‘n’ chips (as Norwegians do!) 🙂

      • Mjollnir MacAlba

        No worries mate 🙂

  2. Laura (PA Pict)

    Ah Stonehaven. I know it well. Before the bypass was built, we used to stop here when driving from Fife to visit my grandparents in Aberdeen. I spent many a happy childhood day eating ice cream while watching the fishing boats. Your photos are lovely.

  3. Jane Lurie

    This looks like a special spot, Mark. Your photos are wonderful and I especially like the black and white conversion.

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks again Jane……much appreciated. It was a lovely two week holiday and Stonehaven was a great base from which to explore.


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