York Minster: Chapter House Ceiling

Chapter House Ceiling, Minster, York, Yorkshire, England

© Mark Simms Photography (2016)

18 Responses to “York Minster: Chapter House Ceiling”

  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    Wonderful choice of composition and you’ve captured the glow of the ceiling and the detail in the windows. Impressive.

    • Mark Simms

      It is one image Laura from my Olympus 12-40mm F2.8. That’s 24-80mm in full frame terms. I was however virtually lying on the floor, so it feels more wide angle than it is.

      • lauramacky

        Do you mean the 12-40mm is full frame? I have the 14-24mm and sometimes it is STILL not wide enough so then I have to take individual shots and stitch them together. Maybe I ought to try lying on my back too! lol I think we need a photo of THAT. 😉

      • Mark Simms

        I use an Olympus micro 4/3rds mirrorless system. It’s a half size sensor – so 12 to 40mm on my system is the equivalent of 24-80 in your full frame world. So your 14-24 is a wider angle lens. Olympus do a 7-14mm lens which would be a 14-28mm so virtually the same as yours.

      • lauramacky

        Oh I see. I had a crop sensor camera before my current one and I loved it but I missed the ultra wide. I do so much of that.

  2. Lynne C Walker

    hi Mark this brought back memories as I have been to York Minster twice. The first time with my mother and we were lucky to visit just a the choir filed in and began to sing. It was magical


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