South Stack Lighthouse

The South Stack Lighthouse near Holyhead has stood watch for over 200 years, warning ships sailing the Irish Sea that danger lurks on Anglesey’s rocky coast:

South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey, Wales, UK

© Mark Simms Photography (2016)

14 Responses to “South Stack Lighthouse”

  1. Sarah Longes - Mirador Design

    Oh Mark, that is a sight for sore eyes! I have a lovely photo of my Nain in that spot on the last visit I made to stay with her. I believe our ancestors were lighthouse keepers at South Stack amongst others in the area. It’s a beautiful image 🙂 Sending the post to my sister!

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Sarah, small world isn’t it. The wind was really howling when we were there, so much so that we couldn’t make it down to the lighthouse itself because it was so strong that we would have been blown away. So I have a massive amount of respect and admiration for your ancestors who had no choice but to make that journey whatever the weather. They must have been very brave and hardy souls.

      • Mark Simms

        Haha…..I can imagine. We tried to walk down the cliff path, but Lizzy nearly got blown off her feet. You could literally lean in to the wind 😊

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Jane….it was very windy and very cold I can tell you that much. Fortunately there is a little cafe a couple of hundred yards from where this was taken, which sold lovely tea and cake, so we could shelter from the elements but still admire the view.

  2. Vicki

    What an amazing spot.
    I wonder what it would be like to be a keeper there. Quite isolated I imagine, but good for the right person/family. Better still, good for a writer or artist.

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Vicky….I’m guessing that it’s been automated now, so a resident keeper probably isn’t needed. It’ll just need maintaining and servicing from time to time.

  3. siskinbob

    Great photo. A couple of years ago I walked all the way down the to visit the lighthouse. Only to find that it was closed. Its a long climb back from a wasted journey.

  4. dyule2014

    February 17, 2016 Thank you Mark Simms for your South Stack Lighthouse
    By Mark Simms on 16/01/2016 – I am so sorry on my delay of your wonderful post. I am getting caught up and make a point of looking after the day it has been sent to us. For your Success Always.


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