Kasbah Bab Ourika

The plan had been to do some walking in the Ourika Valley and Atlas Mountains, but because of my unfortunate accident in Essaouira (see here for details) I was just in too much discomfort to manage anything other than a gentle stroll around the beautiful grounds of the Kasbah Bab Ourika – our base for the last couple of days of our trip and from where the following photos were taken:

© Mark Simms Photography (2015)

11 Responses to “Kasbah Bab Ourika”

  1. Mjollnir MacAlba

    Glad to see your suicidal tendencies had an upside after all! 🙂

      • Mjollnir MacAlba

        Yeah. Like a lot countries Christmas Eve is the big day so we went to the father-in-law’s place yesterday for trad food, Pinnekjøtt, which is salted lamb ribs served up with potatoes and turmip and washed down with a healthy dose of Akevitt which is a white spirit flavoured with anseed(and completly foul!) . Then it was home to open the pressies and just lazing around today with a stinking hangover enjoying the traditional rain!!! Hope you have a great day today and merry Xmas to you and yours 🙂

      • Mark Simms

        Cheers Iain, yes it’s weird how the UK seems to be the odd one out in not really celebrating Christmas Eve. Salted Lamb ribs sounds lovely 😊

      • Mjollnir MacAlba

        Better than boring old turkey!

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