Amber Fort Elephants

The Amber Fort near Jaipur is famous for its conveyor belt of colourfully decorated elephants, continuously carrying tourists up and down the hill upon which the fort stands. As a general rule the wife and I tend to avoid this type of thing (mainly for animal welfare reasons and also because it’s such an obvious tourist trap) and so we resisted the temptation to pretend that we were Maharajahs and went up by jeep instead….:0).

As you can see though I wasn’t about to miss out on the excellent photo opportunities:

I will confess that we have ridden Elephants in the past, when we did a jungle safari in Nepal a few years ago. However on that occasion the welfare of the Elephants was of paramount importance and we got to experience that at first hand by attending a lecture about their life in Nepal, helping to wash them in the river and put them to bed in their stables at night. In this way you really got to bond with both the Elephants and their mahouts. Consequently it was a far more rewarding and immersive experience than that on offer at the Amber Fort in Jaipur. To be fair, our guide did tell us that the Elephants are looked after now much better than they used to be (for example they are apparently limited to a maximum of four rides per day) and I appreciate that the mahouts are only trying to make a living from the lucrative tourist trade………..but even so, I’m glad we didn’t participate.

ยฉ Mark Simms Photography (2015)

26 Responses to “Amber Fort Elephants”

  1. Chillbrook

    That’s a pretty amazing view from the battlements by the looks of things Mark! Good to hear the elephants are reasonably well looked after. Super shots once again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. dyule2014

    Thank you Mark Simmons for your beautiful post it is amazing

  3. Lynne C Walker

    I am enjoying your photography mark and I really appreciate your comments about the elephants I have always loved them and get quite sad when I see what the human race has done to then. These photos are great though and the colours must have been inspiring for you. Lynne

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Lynne…..yeah we humans have a lot to answer for. It’s a shame considering we are also capable of some pretty amazing achievements.

  4. Vicki

    Great photos, Mark.
    I think I would be concerned about the elephant’s welfare in this situation too.

    (I don’t like heights so probably would have gone via jeep).

  5. dyule2014

    Thank you Mark Simms for your wonderful Photo of all your favorite Elephants

  6. dyule2014

    Thank you Mark for your comment to mention I am working with some post with Joseph Doyle Elephant and how smart they are if you would like Joseph Doyle has a wonde andrful Video he could share with you and your site. I am just learning & training on all these post that I receive.

  7. dyule2014

    Amber Fort Elephants very stunning Thank you for sharing

  8. dyule2014

    Good to read elephant are looked after better today Thank you did you view the Elephant Video

  9. dyule2014

    Thank you Mark for your reply today have a wonderful day.


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