Namaste is a traditional gesture of greeting amongst Hindu people and so it seems an appropriate choice for my first post of 2015.

I took a number of portraits whilst on our tour of India last October, of which the shot of the little old lady below (who looked after the small Hindu temple in the village of Ramathra in rural Rajasthan) is the first of a series that I am planning on posting.

Portrait, Namaste, Ramathra, Rajasthan, India

© Mark Simms Photography (2015)

21 Responses to “Namaste”

  1. Vicki

    Great shot Mark.
    I’ll look forward to these portraits (particularly as I never get to do any myself)

  2. msmaliha

    Love this! I went on a North Indian tour with my parents back in 2008 and it’s rich with history. Namaste, the sacred in me honors the sacred in you. 🙏

  3. Noeline Smith

    Lovely portrait Mark with beautiful light and complimentary colours – a face with a thousand stories.
    This will probably sound picky and I’m sorry for that but I wonder, did you consider cloning out that dark line to the left – I find it a little distracting ….

  4. Jane Lurie

    This is a stunner. The colors, light, her expression…. the textures and the years on her beautiful face. This must have been a wonderful creative moment in your travels, Mark.

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Jane…..its one of my favourite images from the trip. One of those spur of the moment shots that just worked 😊


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