Taj Mahal: Other Buildings

The Taj Mahal complex is bounded on three sides by crenellated red sandstone walls, with the fourth side, facing the Yamuna river, left open. These walls are cornered by ornate watch-towers and accessed through the huge great gate.

Within these walls lie the 300m square charbagh or Mughal garden and, on either side of the main tomb, the mosque and the jawab (a building almost identical to the mosque that exists almost exclusively to provide architectural balance and symmetry – although it may also have been used as a guesthouse).

© Mark Simms Photography (2014)

11 Responses to “Taj Mahal: Other Buildings”

  1. Hanne Hellvik

    Hi Mark! Amazing photos! Really! I also visited Taj Mahal around two years ago. It is truly a beautiful building! How did you managed to get so many great shots, without people in it? Because when I was there, it was CROWDED! That is why I found it hard to take good pictures…

  2. Scott Marshall

    well what a journey Mark – what a collection you must have had a wonderful time editing and deciding how to use the images – great for us to see and great for you to reflect upon in years to come.


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