Streets of Old Delhi

Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor from 1628 to 1658 responsible for building the Jama Masjid in my previous post, was also the ruler responsible for founding the great city of Shahjahanabad, now known as Old Delhi.

The labyrinthine narrow streets and alleyways of Old Delhi are chaotic, crowded, colourful and claustrophobic…….it is an experience not to be missed.

We took the opportunity of trying some of India’s famous street food – paratha (a deep-fried bread with potato, lime and spices) and jalebis (spiral-shaped dough fried in ghee and soaked in sugar-syrup). Both were absolutely delicious and we didn’t have any unwelcome after-effects….;0).

© Mark Simms Photography (2014)

15 Responses to “Streets of Old Delhi”

  1. Mjollnir

    Sounds like you had quite a wee adventure over there mate. Would love to go to India but I doubt the wife fancies it much.

    • Mark Simms

      It was great……I think India is one of those places that divides opinion, fortunately both Liz and I wanted to go. I like history and experiencing different cultures, so I’d much rather visit Asia or the Middle East over Australia or the USA.

  2. JenniferRabbit

    India sounds fantastic and your shots of street life show the vibrancy and mesmerizing mania of the culture. I also love the angles you used to draw the eye down the alleys and into the photographs. Made me smile at the amazing colours 🙂

  3. Mónica

    Congratulations you’ve got a lot of talent… You’ve managed to capture the magic of Indian. they are precious photographs 🙂

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Monica thats very kind of you to say so and much appreciated…Ive got plenty more photos of India to share over the next few weeks.

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Cyb……I’m pretty sure that we’ll go back to India at somepoint in the future as we only just scratched the surface on this visit. We bumped into a number of tourists from the USA whilst we were there.

  4. New Delhi | Mark Simms Photography

    […] Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker it stands in stark contrast to the crowded and narrow streets of Old Delhi. With its wide boulevards, neo-classical government/public buildings and large open green spaces […]

  5. Vibha (

    Beautiful. I am a self confessed fan of street photography. Loved the lady in the red sari and the rickshaw puller. So different from the poverty and holy men we usually get to see.

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks again Vibha…..I was aware of all the photographs I had seen of India and did make a conscious effort to try and capture different subjects, but it’s very easy to fall in to the trap of being a tourist seeing somewhere for the first time (especially when you may never get the opportunity to go back…which I hope I do) and end up taking all the same subjects that everyone else takes.

      • Vibha (

        Agree. It would be rather silly to visit a place, for example Paris and not take a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Which is why the ones that are different stand out more. 😉

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