Window Wings

Window, Wings, Home, Wirral, Merseyside, England

© Mark Simms Photography (2014)

17 Responses to “Window Wings”

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks…..I think it must be, but to be honest I’m not sure of the difference between a moth and a butterfly.

  1. Bella Remy Photography

    Holy Heck !! This is an incredible shot ! I don’t think I could ever get something like this. BTW, love how your blog is set up. Are you seeing a difference with traffic and best of all — sales?

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Em……yes you could, it was easy. It had settled on the outside of our patio window. I took it through the glass from the inside. Thanks for the comments on the blog. Let’s just say that the sales aren’t exactly flooding in…..I’ve sold one!

  2. Noeline Smith

    Great shot – even if s/he was rather helpful 😀
    Sorry for the absence. Like you, I’ve been up to my eyeballs – but not moving house! Unfortunately a slow internet connection isn’t helping either!


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