Views From New Ferry

New Ferry and Rock Ferry are next door neighbours. In the first shot I’m standing at the point where the New Ferry pier used to stretch-out into the Mersey, and you can see in the background the Rock Ferry pier which has been the subject of previous posts:

New Ferry, Wirral, England

New Ferry, Wirral, England

Both Rock Ferry and New Ferry take their names from the ferry services that used to shuttle passengers across the river Mersey to Liverpool on the other side. According to Wikipedia, the New Ferry service was forced to close after a ship collided with the pier in thick fog, in the early hours of 30 January 1922. Due to declining passenger numbers, improved local land-based public transport and a close proximity to the Rock Ferry service, it never reopened. The Rock Ferry service itself discontinued on 30 June 1939. Ferries still operate on the Mersey from the terminals at Woodside and Seacombe further up the Wirral coast towards Liverpool, but most locals just use one of the two road tunnels instead – less romantic, but far more convenient.

© Mark Simms Photography (2014)

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