Old Jetty

The image I posted yesterday was taken from this jetty looking off to the right and back across the River Mersey. But the old Rock Ferry jetty and pier themselves, although dilapidated and disused for many years, also offer some excellent photo opportunities. I chose to de-saturate the colours in post-processing because I feel the results work well with old industrial landscape subjects.

Jetty, Rock Ferry, Wirral, England

Jetty, Rock Ferry, Wirral, England

© Mark Simms Photography (2014)

9 Responses to “Old Jetty”

  1. carlossereno

    Hello Mark
    Agree with the desaturation on this type of photos. The second photo is just fantastic and the person in that exact place is “the” precious detail.

  2. Views From New Ferry | Mark Simms Photography

    […] New Ferry and Rock Ferry are next door neighbours. In the first shot I’m standing at the point where the New Ferry pier used to stretch-out into the Mersey, and you can see in the background the Rock Ferry pier which has been the subject of previous posts: […]


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