The Squabble

Not the sharpest shot ever, and arguably the shutter-speed should have been faster, but there is something about this that I quite like:


© Mark Simms Photography (2014)

15 Responses to “The Squabble”

  1. Jen

    He must have forgotten to pick up something she’d asked for!


    Very nice, really, blurry or no. Sometimes it’s better to forego the hope of a tack-sharp shot for something interesting like this.

  2. Nelson

    It really nice to capture bird landing on the water

  3. benrowef64

    The content and context of the shot is strong and this is why the shot works, even if a little soft.

  4. Vicki

    I think it’s the composition and where the birds appear in the frame Mark.

    Sometimes photos just ‘work’ and are pleasing to the eye – and not dependent on the sharpness of the focus to succeed.


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