Goose – Unidentified

The head markings are similar to a juvenile Barnacle Goose, but the beak colour is wrong. Of those geese I’ve looked at that have a similar coloured beak, none of them have those head markings. It’s a conundrum….but one I’m sure someone on WordPress will be able to answer:

Unidentified Goose

© Mark Simms Photography (2014)

8 Responses to “Goose – Unidentified”

  1. leecleland

    Great shot. I too have had trouble identifying birds, only to find out that often there can be slight regional differences, or maybe its a juvenile that’s in the process of growing up! But as you say someone on WordPress will know and tell you.

  2. Vicki

    Nice shot Mark.

    I’ve got 2 different ‘goose’ type birds which I can’t identify in my bird folder and I think they must be some kind of hybrid or cross (as they’re not small enough to be juveniles). I need a bird ‘expert’ too.


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