Meerkats are great…..I could watch them for hours. And just how cute is the little baby meerkat……pity it didn’t face my way:

Meerkats 1

Meerkats 2

Meerkats 3

Meerkats 4

This is my last of the scheduled Chester Zoo posts. I’ll be back from Spain tomorrow……so guess what’s coming next…..:0).

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

8 Responses to “Meerkats”

  1. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    Great photos, Mark.

    That last shot is a nice angle. I could hours watching them too. They’re like cute little puppies (although they look quite vicious when they start fighting).

    I think I photograph them every time I go to the zoo.

    • Mark Simms

      Cheers Vicky……it’s the way they operate in their social structure that captivates me 😊


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