I really wasn’t sure whether to post the shot of the Red-tailed Racer (the green ratsnake) because to be honest it’s not that sharp…..but there is something about the light, colour and droplets of water on the skin that I really like:

Red-tailed Racer

Parson's Chameleon

Caiman Lizard

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

14 Responses to “Reptiles”

  1. carlossereno

    Love all of them (I mean the photos), but for me the green snake is the best. The lighting, the waters drops and the detail of the skin are really splendid.

  2. karenlawrencephotography

    Mark, love the snake! Its perfect. Such beautiful colours, is it at Chester Zoo? I love snakes and hoping in the near future to have a visit from a guy who’s snakes are familiar to me,

  3. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    All great shots, Mark.
    I like the droplets of water on the green snake head too.

  4. Noeline Smith

    These are all lovely but the first and last are my favourites – and at the size we see them they’re sharp enough 🙂 I particularly like these because of the composition, colours and textures.


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