Stokesay Castle 1

Stokesay Castle is, according to the English Heritage website, “…quite simply the finest and best preserved fortified medieval manor house in England”. To be honest it is pretty difficult to argue with that view, especially when you consider its idyllic location, nestled amongst the Shropshire hills close to the Welsh border.

Below is the first of a series of images I’ll be posting over the next few days of our recent-ish trip to Stokesay:

Stokesay Reflected

As you can see the light wasn’t great when we visited, with that all to familiar nondescript pale grey sky, but the beauty of the location and the fascinating collection of buildings more than made-up for that. It did mean I had to work quite creatively on the day to extract anything half decent from the flat light, but I enjoyed the challenge….I’ll leave it up to you over the next few days to see whether I succeeded.

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

9 Responses to “Stokesay Castle 1”

  1. Scott Marshall

    and who is to argue – however I lived at Shawbury nr Shrewsbury so I am a little dissapointed to have missed it when I was there

    • Mark Simms

      It’s a lovely part of the country……but it isn’t the glorious Scottish Highlands and Islands 😉


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