Hoy is the second largest of the Orkney Isles, after the Orkney Mainland itself and it lies to the south of the latter across Scapa Flow.

Our main reason for wanting to visit was to drive up to Rackwick Bay and from there take the path to the iconic Old Man of Hoy, a 137m rock stack at the north-west end of the Island. On the drive-up to Rackwick it quickly became clear that Hoy is different in character to the Orkney Mainland – it is considerably more hilly. The bay at Rackwick is beautiful and dramatic in equal measure, with high cliffs flanking the sea on either side. In fact sea cliffs (including the Old Man) are Hoy’s greatest geographical feature – those at St John’s Head are the highest in Britain at 351m.

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

9 Responses to “Hoy”

  1. liz simms

    And we saw it at it’s best with no-one else around…..perfect!

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Camilla – Hoy is stunning and I would certainly recommend the walk to see the Old Man.


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