Mull Head

Mull Head in the parish of Deerness, on Orkney’s East Mainland, is a nature reserve with some lovely walks along the tops of the sea cliffs that face out towards the North Sea and Scandinavia beyond. As you can see from the shots below we were blessed with the weather when we went for our walk:

Even though it is a nature reserve you will notice a distinct lack of bird and small animal shots – that isn’t because we didn’t see any, it’s simply because I didn’t capture any. In my defence, most of the time, the subject was just too far away for my 70-200mm to do it justice. This is something I intend to correct with the purchase of a longer telephoto zoom – when I get round to making a decision that is!! Of course, on other occasions, it was simply down to my lack of skill/speed.

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

6 Responses to “Mull Head”

  1. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    Wonderful images, Mark. The sky looks so blue and it must have been a lovely walk along the cliff tops.

    Love the bokeh behind the red flowers – very effective background.

    I know what you mean about the lens, 70-200mm (or in my case 18-200mm) not reaching far enough. That’s why I finally bought the 150-500mm. Can’t wait to find some new location to use it though. I don’t think I’ve really put it to the test yet – well, only on a few birds in the Gardens & Zoo.

  2. Chillbrook

    Another really very nice series Mark. I especially like the way you’ve captured the sea pinks and the tones and depth in ‘Blowing in the Breeze’. Excellent work.


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