Brough of Birsay – Part 2

In yesterdays post I promised you a few more shots from the Brough of Birsay. Well here you go:


I should explain the title of the image: “Searching for Groaties”. This is a shot of Liz combing the beach for “Groatie-buckies” which is the name Orcadian’s give to the Northern Cowrie shell. They are small and difficult to find, but it’s a popular pastime for locals and tourists alike as they are said to bestow good luck on the finder. Unfortunately we didn’t find any on this trip, but we have booked to go back to Orkney for a week at Christmas and so we hope to find some then. We are already looking forward to going back!!

As we didn’t find any “groaties” I don’t have any photos to show you what they look like – but if you click on the link above, then I’m sure your curiosity will be satisfied. Actually it’s not true (strictly speaking) that we didn’t find any, because Liz did purchase a “groatie” cast in silver from local jeweller Roger PhilbyI think it’s fair to say that Liz was a very happy wifey after that…;0).

One final thing, which I really should have mentioned in the post yesterday, is that apparently the “Brough” in “Brough of Birsay” is pronounced “Broch” – which is all a little confusing as Orkney has proper Iron-age Brochs as well, but I’ll hopefully explain more about those in a future post.

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

12 Responses to “Brough of Birsay – Part 2”

  1. John

    What a beautiful spot… looks peaceful and relaxing. Great photos, yesterday and today!

  2. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography)

    Great photos.
    Think I’ll have to add this area to my ‘Bucket List’.


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