River Dee Finale

Before anyone says anything – yes I have posted these images previously (on Sunday just gone in fact under the title “Messing About On The River”) and no I’m not going mad, well no more than usual anyway!

Let me explain. On Monday late afternoon, and again this morning, I started to receive a series of comments/pingbacks to the original post from some rather dubious looking WordPress site(s) – in total I must have received a hundred or so. As you can imagine this quickly became very annoying. So I’ve marked them all as Spam in the hope that Akismet will recognise them in future. I also took the decision to delete the original post – my thinking is that surely I can’t receive anymore  comments (spam or genuine) to a post that no longer exists?

Touch-wood and fingers-crossed, I haven’t received anymore dodgy comments since about 8:30am this morning. Hence the reason why I’m re-posting these images again now, under a different title.

So, for the second time of asking, here are my final half-dozen images from the River Dee shoot. As you can see there were a number of other people enjoying the river that day, not just the various rowing clubs in the head race that we had specifically come to see:

Fingers crossed that this post doesn’t attract the spammers again……and to those spammers I say bugger-off and get a life!!

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

4 Responses to “River Dee Finale”

  1. Chillbrook

    That all sounds quite odd Mark, I’ve had a few pingbacks lately that I couldn’t figure out. Very nice pictures, really like the B&Ws.

  2. victoriaaphotography

    Very nice photos Mark.

    (I am still not getting any email notifications of your new posts, as well as some other bloggers and can’t figure it out. Every blog I follow is set up the same – why do I get some and not others).


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