Parkgate on the Wirral faces out across the estuary of the River Dee towards North Wales.

In it’s heyday, during the 18th Century, it was an important port and embarkation point for Ireland. However, the steady and remorseless silting up of the Dee turned much of the river and estuary into grassy marshland and before long made Parkgate unusable as a port.

Nowadays, a walk along the sea-front at Parkgate, with fish and chips or a locally made ice-cream, is a popular past time for visitors near and far. It’s also a favourite spot with “twitchers” as the marshland attracts a wide variety of bird life.

I hope you’ll agree that it’s not a bad destination for photographers either:

Parkgate 1

Parkgate 2

Parkgate 3

The three shots above are all HDR images made up of five bracketed exposures and then processed in Nik’s HDR Efex Pro2.

© Mark Simms Photography (2013)

20 Responses to “Parkgate”

    • Mark Simms

      Cheers Camilla, and I’m glad you like the HDR – I wasn’t sure about the depth of colour in the grass, I thought maybe the green was a little too saturated – but I’m still experimenting and getting to grips with the software. Have you voted yet?

      • caleephotography

        Which software do you use? I’m experimenting with the Topaz Adjust, the HDR effects in it are very nice. 🙂 Yes, I’ve voted!! Curious to see the results!

  1. victoriaaphotography

    I particularly like the sky colour in that first shot – a lovely combination of blue and grey.

  2. John

    Really lovely. The marshes and moors of the UK have a beauty all their own…


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