Ganesh Mask

Some more still life shots using my new light-tent and reflector combo, first demonstrated in “The Scent Bottle” that I posted a couple of weeks ago:

The subject is a little something we picked-up in a local craft shop in Pokhara on our trip to Nepal a few years ago. It is an ornamental metal and beadwork representation of Ganesh, the Hindu God. I believe that it is Tibetan in style, Nepal having a large immigrant population from that country.

For those of you that have read my “About” page, you will know that it was after this trip to Nepal that I really started to take photography more seriously.

Apologies for posting six fairly similar shots of this one subject….what can I say, the Ganesh Mask is one of my favourite travel souvenirs and brings back some very happy memories of a remarkable trip. One day I would like to return to this fascinating country… day!

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2013). All rights reserved.

7 Responses to “Ganesh Mask”

  1. rondje

    Great photography of an amazing piece!
    Would you believe we have the same mask (from Pokhara too, probably same shop!) hanging on our wall?!
    Greetings, Ron

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Ron…haha…it never ceases to amaze me how life throws-up these little connections between people who have never met. You clearly have great taste in holiday souvenirs….;0). Thanks for the other likes and the follow as well.

      • Mark Simms

        Hi again Ron – sorry I’ve just realised, we’re on the judging panel for the Digital Lightroom photo competition….:0)

      • rondje

        Hi Mark, revisited your blog after finding out we were on that jury together; great quality photography here! Will follow your photos from now on.
        I was shocked when i saw these photos, thought you broke in and used our mask, but even better to find out we both have and enjoy it! Gonnan be interesting to see if we share a taste in photography as wel. Nice to meet up and greetings, Ron

      • Mark Simms

        Thanks Ron. Your photos are great too and I look forward to following your blog in the future. I think the judging will be fascinating – it will be interesting to see what we each go for.

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