York Minster

Last week we went to York for a few days for my birthday and not surprisingly the camera came along for the ride…;0).

No trip to York is complete without a visit to its magnificent Minster. Built between 1230 and 1470 AD, it is second only to Cologne in Germany as the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.

The observant amongst you will no doubt have noticed that the majority of these shots are all of the Minster’s West Front. There are two reasons for this. First is that some other parts of the building (especially the east end) are undergoing a fairly major restoration and as such are completely covered in scaffolding and other building paraphernalia. Second, just as I was beginning to despair with the grey, drab and frankly miserable weather typical of mid-November in this part of the world, the clouds began to break-up just in time for the setting sun to bathe the west-end of the Cathedral in its warm late-Autumnal glow. I have to admit that I caught a bit of a break with the light on this occasion and that accounts entirely for the self-indulgent number of shots that I’ve posted on this one subject. However I could have easily posted three times this number…..so count yourself fortunate!!

Unfortunately getting lucky with an hour of lovely light was more than balanced by the disappointment of not being able to get inside the Minster for the whole three days we were there – it was closed for sightseeing because York University had taken over the venue for their 2012 graduation ceremonies…..bloody students…;0)

I’ve got a few more posts planned of our trip to York, so please watch out for those over the next few days.

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.

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