The Belfry

The belfry in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral is vast, but then it needs to be… houses the heaviest peal of bells in the world!! There are fourteen bells in total weighing a combined 27 tonnes. “Great George”, the largest, weighs an astonishing 15 tonnes all on its own. The total weight of the metal frame required to hold the bells is a massive 223.5 tonnes. Not only are these the heaviest set of bells in the world, but they are also the highest – they sit near the top of the 101m high (floor to ceiling) central Vestey Tower.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral itself (which was only completed in 1978) is the largest in the UK and the largest non-Roman Catholic Cathedral in the world.

The first three of these shots were all taken with the camera locked-off on a tripod, the fourth was taken handheld but with an ISO of 1600

I decided to convert this set of images to mono because I didn’t like the harsh yellow-white colour radiating from the many artificial lights dotted around the huge space. These lights have resulted in the casting of some fantastic shadows – but believe me they look much better in black & white.

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.

5 Responses to “The Belfry”

  1. Raven Photography

    Fantastic images, i was here only last week and I didn’t like the results of my shots in here, I may try them in monochrome! Great work and an incredible cathedral!

    • Mark Simms

      Thanks Jenna….it is a difficult place to photograph – it’s vast and the light is very challenging.


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