Oxford 9 – Random Images

For my last post on our visit to Oxford, I thought I would share with you a few random images from the trip that I like, but couldn’t really make fit into the more structured themes of the previous posts. So in no particular order here are what I consider to be the twelve best of the rest: 

Actually I really deliberated over a couple of these. I like the shot of the covered market, but I am concerned that it doesn’t really have a strong focus point – a fact emphasised by the need to use a pretty wide aperture (and high ISO) to get a hand-holdable shutter speed. The point of sharp focus is actually on the floor, where in retrospect I think I would have been better trying to focus on the young woman walking away from the camera. But the light on this shot is appealing and it was one of the places we really enjoyed strolling around – so I had to include at least one shot!

To a lesser extent the shot of the woman walking along the cloisters suffers from a similar issue – I would have been better focusing on her and not the wall! However, again I like the light in this image so it stayed in.

The other image I have a slight issue with is the one of the punts – the light was just so flat that I’ve had to work pretty hard in post processing to get any semblance of contrast. However like with the covered market I couldn’t not (please excuse the double negative) include at least one shot of them – Oxford (and Cambridge for that matter) are pretty famous for their punting. Also I do like the composition of this shot – filling the frame with punts – I could see that as a large arty canvas on the wall of some Oxford coffee shop.

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.


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