Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Photography Competition 2012

For those of you who read my blog-post on Liverpool Life from a few weeks ago, you’ll know that Liverpool Anglican Cathedral are running their annual photography competition again this year.

So I just thought I would share with you the photograph that I eventually decided to enter, it’s another version of one that I posted in the original blog:

The Liverpool Echo seller, round the corner from the entrance to the Playhouse Theatre.


No idea how well this will do in the competition, but I like the shot (which I guess is all that really matters) and it is definitely in keeping with the “Liverpool Life” theme.

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.


One Response to “Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Photography Competition 2012”

  1. Mark Simms

    Reblogged this on The Photography of Mark Simms and commented:

    I had some good news about this today. It appears that it did “very well” in the voting for the People’s Winner award, and I’ve been invited to attend a little soiree this Thursday evening. No idea what “very well” actually means…..but I’ll keep you posted..:0)


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