Mull & Iona 4 – The Trip To Staffa

Owned by the National Trust for Scotland since 1986, Staffa is without doubt a wonder of the natural world – a geological phenomenon. It’s famed for its basalt columns and Fingal’s Cave – it is Scotland’s answer to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. In fact according to legend Staffa is the Scottish end of the Giant’s Causeway – built by the giant Fingal as stepping-stones from Ireland to Scotland so that he wouldn’t get his feet wet – ahh… sweet is that!?

From Fionnphort the round trip takes approx 3 hours, including one hour ashore. To be honest an hour isn’t enough time to fully explore the island. From the jetty it’s a 15-20 minute walk to see the Puffins and about 10 minutes to see Fingal’s Cave – but unfortunately in the opposite direction. However I understand why the National Trust set limits and restrict access, because it is without question an area of outstanding natural beauty and I certainly wouldn’t want to see it over-run with tourists.

It was a great trip though on a gorgeous sunny day – I would definitely recommend it! Incidentally we went with Davy Kirkpatrick’s “Staffa Trips” and it was approx £25 quid each for adults – well worth the money!!

Just a quick note about the shot of the Puffin – it’s not a great shot, but unfortunately they weren’t being very co-operative – either that or I’m just not cut out to be a wildlife snapper. This was taken with my 70-300mm at 300mm and has still had to be heavily cropped. I would have really needed something pretty fast and long (F4 and 600mm as a minimum I reckon) to get sharp and close – but as you’re looking at a few thousand quid for a decent lens in that range……..!! Anyway I’ve included the shot here simply to prove that we did see some Puffins – and they are very cute!!

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.

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