Mull & Iona 2 – First Impressions

For our two-week stay on Mull we based ourselves in the little village of Fionnphort (pronounced fin-o-fert) at the quaint and cosy Burnside Cottagewhich we highly recommend by the way. Fionnphort lies at the end of the Ross of Mull (the island’s rocky southernmost peninsula) looking out across the Sound of Iona and is home to the Calmac ferry which connects the two islands. According to the Rough Guide to Scotland, Fionnphort is “…probably the least attractive place to stay on the Ross.” Now I realise that first impressions largely depend on the weather, and for pretty much the whole two weeks we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine, but to have come up with that line the author must have been on a visit to “grumpy island” as my wife would say!! As I hope you’ll agree from the shots below…..Fionnphort is lovely..!!

The attractive pink granite from the Ross of Mull was highly prized. As well as local projects such as Iona Abbey, the granite from Fionnphort (and the surrounding area) has ended up all over the world and can be found in three London bridges, St George’s Hall in Liverpool, the docks in New York and in buildings in Australia and New Zealand.

In case you were wondering the dramatic cleft in the large boulder on the beach at Fionnphort was caused, according to local folklore, after being thrown in anger by the giant Fingal…….hence the name “Fingal’s Rock”. I’ll mention a bit more about the legend of Fingal the giant when I post about our trip to Staffa and “Fingal’s Cave.”

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.


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