Ness Gardens Photo Competition

Ness Gardens on the Wirral are holding a photo competition. It’s spread over 12 months from 1st December 2011 to 1st December 2012 and the idea is “ capture Ness through the seasons”. Earlier this year I entered two shots into the Winter section – “Winter Leaf” and “Bamboo”. Today I entered “Brunnera” and “Garden Statue” in the Spring section:

For those who have read my previous post on the Wirral Photo Exhibition, you will recognise the “Winter Leaf” shot as I entered it for that competition as well……..what can I say, I like the shot…:0).

The rules are that the shots must have been taken at Ness Gardens and in the season for which they are entered – like so:

Winter – 1st December 2011 to 29th February 2012 – entries by 14th March 2012

Spring – 1st March 2012 to 31st May 2012 – entries by 14th June 2012

Summer – 1st June 2012 to 30th September 2012 – entries by 14th October 2012

Autumn – 1st October 2012 to 1st December 2012 – entries by 14th December 2012

I think it’s an interesting concept for a photo competition, and as Ness Gardens is local to us, and we tend to visit four or five times a year anyway (in fact the wife and I are “Friends of Ness”) it’s not exactly a hardship to visit in each season to take the shots required.

I’ll post more on this to share the shots I enter for Summer and Autumn and to ultimately let you know the results of the competition.

Copyright: © The Photography of Mark Simms (2012). All rights reserved.

4 Responses to “Ness Gardens Photo Competition”

  1. Mark Simms

    Reblogged this on The Photography of Mark Simms and commented:

    I’ve just heard that the two shots I entered into the Spring section of the Ness Garden’s Photo Competition 2012, Statue and Brunnera, came second and joint third respectively…:0).

    I’ll be entering two shots into the Summer section in the next week or so…I’ll post those when I’ve decided which ones.


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